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Why Sheet Metal Duct Work Is Important For Your HVAC System

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How often have you ventured into your attic & thought to yourself, 'Could my HVAC system benefit from sheet metal duct work?' Between being horrified by your giant stash old Christmas decorations & being confused about why you kept your class notes from college, sheet metal duct work wasn't top of mind while you were up there.

In fact, it usually isn't for most folks. You figure your home's HVAC work is doing its thing, so you're good, right?

But is it?

Whether you had a home built or moved into an existing structure, you've likely only worried about how warm & cool the air gets when you turn your HVAC system on. The problem is that unless you've got duct work that's right for learn your home, the system could be operating far below optimal levels.

This usually means that the system is being pushed harder to make up for deficiencies, which adds unnecessary wear & tear. Over the course of years, this wear & tear is shortening the life of your HVAC system, leading to very costly repairs/replacement.

There's a pretty good chance that your home's duct work is composed of flexible duct. Many HVAC companies use it & have recommended it for years. Unfortunately, this material is prone to issues due to its flexible nature. Over time, the 'flex duct' can kink or sag, causing airflow to be lackluster.

One other root cause of bad flex duct performance is poor installation or system design. While the material itself isn't a bad option, using it as the only material in a complete system will have problems.

This is why sheet metal duct work is a great option for homeowners.
Whether it's existing construction or you're having a new home built, having rigid ducts has a ton of advantages. For example:

Durable - It's no secret that attics & other locations where duct work is found are rough environments.

Temperatures fluctuate & critters can make their way into odd spaces. Flex duct can be adversely affected, whereas rigid duct is solid. It's long-lasting and can withstand most animal attention far better than its flexible counterpart.

Rigidity - As mentioned before, flex duct can sag & kink, creating vulnerable spots in a run where either tears can occur or airflow is impacted.
Rigid sheet metal truly makes your HVAC system a system.

Installation Errors - Flex duct is still widely used by HVAC installation companies everywhere. When done right, you reap the benefits of a solid working air conditioner or heater.

The problem is that installation is where things can go south. Crews can be careless & cause tears in the ducts. They'll use foil duct tape to patch things up & move forward. This only temporarily helps what is now a compromised component. Also, runs can be way too long, leading to inevitable sagging.

Customized - Sheet metal duct work involves precision. When putting together the design for your home or upgrading an older home's HVAC work, getting solid measurements for what your ducts should look like is actually a pretty killer idea.

This way, everything going in is being made to work with your home. Flex duct doesn't have as much precision, and while it's good material, deficiencies in its construction get exposed over time even with the best HVAC system designs.

Better Airflow - Flexible ducts looks like big crinkly tubes, but because they have texture with respect to their ridges, you also have mini obstructions.
These ridges create drag, which is the mortal enemy of air flow. Aerospace engineers & the auto industry invest big money to work around drag for a reason - it works against efficiency. Your duct work is no different.

It's important to remember that HVAC installation companies everywhere use flexible ducts.

It's easier to install, costs less, and gets the job done. But sheet metal duct work, even with a higher upfront investment, provides so many more advantages. When considering duct installation or upgrades, be sure to ask your HVAC company if rigid sheet metal ducts might be the better option.
Sheet metal duct work in Austin, TX - is it the right call?



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